My Model Outdoor Powerlines

By Paul Schackmann; posted August 21, 2015

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Other than insulator collecting, I have the interesting hobby of maintaining my own model power grid. I have been doing this hobby for eight years, and still continue to do so. During this time my model poles have improved, although I do not have my original poles. My grid consists of average bamboo poles representing the poles themselves, thinner bamboo poles for crossarms, cotton rope for wire, and plastic pots for transformers. In addition, the majority of my hardware is made up of garden twist ties which are used to make insulators, fuses, transformer bushings, crossarms braces... and the list continues. The last thing which I would like to mention is that I tried to mimic a typical grid in Ontario from the 1950's (I think I have the year right). The pole in the picture is one of my poles on the model grid.