102 Origins ?

By Brent Burger; posted August 9, 2015

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The Lostine show produced the little 102 on the right in a deep turquoisy-blue. These MLOD, swirl-start-on-threads ponies are considered by most I know to be of Canadian origin, however this particular size and shape is one I have never found in service to say from personal experience. In the center is another one with the same swirl-start-on-threads and flattened dome with the sort of "peakish" point dome profile in a much more typical light green color. Note the difference in the profile area where the skirt flares out to become the wire ridge on this one vs. the other two.

My question is with the piece on the left .... same peculiar dome and wire groove/ridge profile, same same skirt taper, etc, but it is taller by a notable measure, and more importantly, it has the smooth transition skirt-to-threads contour commonly seen on Homer Brooke products.

And here's the kicker .... this piece was acquired from a non-collector in a box of locally-found commons in the Topeka, Kansas area. A long stretch from Canada. Are we sure these two pieces on the right are, in fact, Canadian in origin, and perhaps someone knows of the type on the left being made/used there too ??? Or do I have a very similar profiled piece with no relation to the other two ?

Thoughts, ideas, amazing insights, anyone ?