Old Gooseneck Bracket Incandescent Street Light

By Joe Maurath, Jr.; posted August 5, 2015

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There are plenty of these within view in the "Vintage Photos" folder here on ICON. These lights were fairly common in their day (from c.1910 through the 30s). A "mushroom" shaped insulator...notably either a CD 280 Hemingray or a Pittsburg of similar design... was typically used and included from the factory. The fixture shown has a copper top to its double-walled reflector. The underside of the latter was "ribbed" and known as the "radial wave" design. Some also were made with flat conical bottoms (no ribs) with galvanized or porcelain-enamelled tops. The underside always was white porcelain enamel. For another view please refer to: [id=443403050]