Amber American 145 at eBay

By Rob Lloyd; posted August 3, 2015

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Amber American CD 145 at eBay. Color looks like it could be real. It also looks like it could be an irradiated color. Hard to say with any degree of certainty one way or the other. The seller did provide a nice assortment of photos in various light situations. But that still didn't prove anything. Nothing else he had listed for sale was dirty. Seems like you would only list something that hadn't been cleaned if you wanted to say "That is just the way I got it." If he thought it was too worthless to bother cleaning why would he go to the trouble of listing it at eBay at all? Do any of these 151 HGs look legitimate? They all look really good. But they have all been irradiated. If the person who buys the amber American believes its real then they will have to be satisfied with that. Unless the color starts to fade. There is way too much stuff out there that, lacking proof, is only good if you believe it is good. There is no way to tell for sure.