CALIFORNIA insulators in scarce color/cd combos and oddities. Updated 06/15/17

By Colin Jung; posted July 30, 2015

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California Insulator Want List:

CD 102[010] C.G.I.Co. peach, plum (dome glass), yellow/peach 2-tone (dome glass), smoky straw, blue or aqua in PT mold; and blue in RT mold;

CD 102[010] CALIFORNIA aqua (not blue);

CD 112[010] CALIFORNIA purple/sage 2-tone, lilac, sage green tint (full dome glass, stronger color for a tint );

CD 112[020] CALIFORNIA aqua (dome glass keg variant);

CD 121[010] A007/CALIFORNIA smoke, 2-tones (good color sep.);

CD 133[010] CALIFORNIA yellow, peach, smoke, blue (not aqua);

CD 145[010] CALIFORNIA yellow, citrine, 2-tone (good color sep.);

CD 145[010] POSTAL smoky yellow

CD 152[010] CALIFORNIA light citrine, 2-tone (good color sep), straw;

CD 160[010] CALIFORNIA plum, peach, light yellow green;

CD 161[010]CALIFORNIA purple/yellow 2-tone;

CD 162[010] CALIFORNIA 2-tones (good color separation), lilac;

CD 164[010] no embossing aqua;

CD 166[010] A011/CALIFORNIA pink, peach, 2-tone (good color separation), plum;

CD 178[010] CALIFORNIA/ 303/Santa Ana light yellow green, smoke;

CD 178[010] 303/Santa Ana sage green;

CD 187[010] CALIFORNIA sage green, light citrine, 2-tone;

CD 190/191[010] A021/CALIFORNIA any color;

CD 200[010] CALIFORNIA peach, yellow, 2-tone;

CD 208[010] CALIFORNIA yellow;

CD 260[010] CALIFORNIA smoke, gingerale, 2-tones;

CD 260[020] CALIFORNIA (pinch ear) green aqua;

CD 1131[010] 15/CALIFORNIA PAT APL'D FOR yellow ( have a cooked one; need an unaltered one)

Also looking for any Cal CD's in any unlisted color or with unusual character: significant amber, olive or milk swirling, large bubbles or bubble masses (foaming), foreign bodies, significant hare lips and other significant underpours. Also interested in any California Glass Insulator Company paperwork: photos, price list, catalogs, invoices, correspondence, letterhead, stock certificate, bonds, etc. $$$ and Great Trades available. If you are not sure what you have, feel free to browse the words "California Color Guidance" in the reference folder or contact me for a pressure-less opinion. Contact: COLIN JUNG, NIA #7055 Email: