CD 162 SKEB teal blue

By Lee Brewer; posted July 11, 2015

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Found this on a table at the 2015 National. Brookfield signals are a specialty area for me. I have never seen one in teal blue, let alone as rich a teal blue as this is (camera could not capture it). The pic is too green. It has a better blue hue to it - a true, teal blue with the deepest hue and richness in color I have seen in a signal.

The MN10 on top was not a surprise as, for some reason, these MN10 signals tend to come in great colors and character as compared to other MNs.

I took it back to my table - looked it up and found it not in the price guide! Thankfully Don's table was right by mine, and he took down the new color listing.