Thank you to everybody involved!

By Jacob Metzger; posted July 5, 2015

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I am a new collector, only 14 years of age. I have never experienced a show, much less the National. Thanks to the location, not far from my home, I was able to attend Saturday and Sunday, also having volunteered for security on that Sunday. I loved every minute I was there, talking to people, spending my money, and taking in the quiet, but yet exciting enviorment. I thank you all for making this such a wonderful weekend. Throughout the show I bought from many people, some more memorable like Don Briel, or Ron Yuhas. Overall, I got a CD 297 No. 16, and a Sombrero (Not pictured.) I also obtained the following, as pictured. CD 257 n a light blue Aqua, the first in my collection. A CD 254, in a green Aqua, two 190/191 Multiparts, one in green Aqua "B" and one AmTel in a Aqua color with milk and swirls in the base, and a CD 196 Tramp.