New Doritos Chips Insulator Shelf

By Mike Jordan; posted July 4, 2015

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While I was walking out of a Dollar General after purchasing milk and cereal, I noticed a nice, wire display shelving unit set next to the store's dumpster, so I went back inside and asked the manager about the shelving unit. I asked if it was broken or just not in use any longer and she told me it's not longer in use and Frito-Lay doesn't want it back. Then she said, if you want it, take it. Naturally, I said sure and thank you very much. I took the Doritos advertisemant placard off the side, wiped down the shelves and now it will become the "Doritos Insulator Shelf". It's worthwhile to check out whether stores are getting rid of display shelving units such as this type as they definitely come in handy.