Hemingray Exchange CD 115.3 ?

By Michael Gibbons; posted June 15, 2015

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I think the proposed CD 115.2 is the product of a re-tooled/re-machined 115 mold creating a new insulator. I also believe this to be the case with what I am calling, for arguments sake a CD 115.3, which had the middle wire groove thickened and squared off. I also suspect the 115.2 and 115.3 is evidence of experimental redesigning of the older 115's, which possibly resulted in the 129......Regarding my speculation as to why, I think the thin wire grooves of the 115 made it susceptible to cracking/braking off so an effort was made by Hemingray to re-design it using existing molds, which would also allow for bigger/heavier wire and other uses.

Does anybody else have a CD 115.3 ? (same embossing as CD 115.2 aka 115 [045], but with a lathed/ground circle on dome and a re-tooled/re-machined square middle wire groove)

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