Estate Collection Finds found at children's garage sale. Pic 1

By Colin Jung; posted June 14, 2015

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As I mentioned before the children decided to sell their mom's lifetime collection of insulators, bottles and other relics at a poorly advertised garage sale. She was a bottle digger, relic hunter and antique dealer. There were really no serious collectors at the sale other than myself and a local bottle collector friend I invited to come over since I really don't collect bottles. First photo in no particular order I found: EC&M, D-mold in lime or apple green, unfortunately with big fractures; Whitall Tatum CD 154 in purple; McLaughlin CD 164 in cornflower blue; California CD 162's in plum, smokey purple, green aqua and sage green; Star CD 162's in olive green and yellow olive green; McLaughlin CD 121 in a teal green; NEGM CD 162's in yellow green and aqua with amber swirls. In the very back are three bottles: an Auburn (CA) hutch, a teal aqua Geyser Soda blobtop soda bottle and a clear figural bottle of a hand with screwtop. Next [id=438866384]