CD 145 CREB with White Rocks

By Chris Cotnoir; posted May 29, 2015

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Here is a CD 145 (sim.) EIN [100] (F-Crown) (Arc) W. BROOKFIELD / 45 CLIFF ST. / N.Y. (R-Crown) 1 /PAT / JAN. 25TH 1870 {MLOD} SB [Note T in ST. is not small or underlined; TH in 25TH is not underlined). The color is light blue aqua, and the only damage I can find is a small is a tiny flake off the lower wire ridge in the rear and a couple of small wire rubs; the rest is great, and all four vent teat on the inner skirt are intact. You can see the mega-stones in the rear crown, and there is a smaller one in the front skirt as well as an elongated bubble to the right of the embossing. Click on View Original for more detail. Inquiries welcome.