Purple CREB Blobtop CD 126, Sold

By Colin Jung; posted May 24, 2015

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Yes, I have decided to put last year's ultimate find up for sale. The story of the purple blobtop find was featured in an article I wrote for the Fall 2014 NIA Drippoints Newsletter. The insulator is in VNM condition and I will provide additional photos and description of damage to collectors with serious interest. The embossing is very light but corresponds to EIN 140 or 150. Asking $11,000 plus actual shipping and insurance. Can also personally deliver the blobtop to the 2015 National in July.

Will consider a 2-piece California transposition insulator and/or CD 161 California with sharp drip points in partial trade.

Let's make this sales offer more interesting. I am offering any ICON member a 5% Buyer Finder Commission.

1) You find an interested buyer and provide him/her with my contact info. 2) He/she contacts me and confirms your ID as the finder. 3) Sale is completed: that is, funds clear, insulator is shipped and buyer is satisfied with his/her purchase. 4) I send you a 5% finder's commission based on the sales price (not including shipping or insurance cost), which works out to $550.00 in your pocket on a $11,000 sale.