Why is this colon in front of HEMINGRAY?

By Eric Halkyard; posted May 18, 2015

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I came upon this Hemingray CD 152 and would just like to know some of your thoughts as to why this colon would have been put in the front of HEMINGRAY? It can't be confused with any dots from date codes as I believe the 152 pre-dates the OI take over of Hemingray, unless this was an early date code attempt by Hemingray. In the PG it would seem to be the [050] listing with various punctuation marks on the front and rear skirt. But why is it there any punctuation marks on the front skirt?...any help is much appreciated thanks a lot,

Just as quick as I posted this question I got a very quick response from Rick S. Explanation is that various punctuation marks were used for possible early date codes or for mould identification through Hemingray. thanks again Rick