Possible Brookfield made Bottle... in purple - crude lip view

By Lee Brewer; posted May 11, 2015

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Yes, the lighting is wrong and makes it look too pink. But it shows the neck details great when zoomed in. R.R.R. (Radway;s Ready Relief) / Radway / New York

Thanks to ICON members with better bottle knowledge than I, the title has been updated on this to include the word "Possible." Of course without a mold mark, no scientific proof can be had, only speculation.

A BGMCo-chemical run at Brookfield is likely what produced Brookfield SCA insulators -- based on research of news/journal articles, talking with Brookfield experts, and reading (granted - only two known so far) letters of W. Brookfield's correspondence with his mold maker that show he definitely pinched pennies.

The uncommon run of purple glass at Brookfield, The uncommon color of purple for this RRR bottle, knowing Radway was/had been a customer of Brookfield, knowing different shops working on the same floor could dip from the different available glass sources on the floor, and the date of this bottle's manufacture being made are what drew this speculation together in my mind.

Is it Brookfield? The above will let the reader decide their own level of speculation... until this little gem starts talking, we cannot prove either way :^)

In my mind, the chance is pretty good - but the facts are, that similar to the Tootsie Pop conundrum, "the world may never know..."