Hewlett shards

By George Sukhoff; posted May 5, 2015

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Continuing on my trip to St. Petersburg I was looking for some Hewletts that may have remained after line maintenance on a 1924 line. I had read up earlier in some old books that this is one of the few lines in Russia that had Hewletts (if not the only one) and Elton Gish had provided me with unique historical readouts confirming the fact that Hewlett insulators had been supplied for this line. I wasn't able to scout the whole line due to rainy weather and the fact that the route of the line is very swampy and I got my clothes and boots soaked all the way (rubber boots didn't help much as the grass was wet, too) so unfortunately I wasn't able to find a whole Hewlett this time. Only a badly damaged one with green-ish glaze and some shards that you can see in the picture above. Though I saw Hewletts still in use which isn't something that common.