Canadian Pacific with a lot of Dirt!..

By Matt Sawyer; posted April 29, 2015

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...And that dirt isn't on the outside!!! I just brought this one out from the acid bath, and it still looks like this! It even has some nice steam swirls in it too! This is a Canadian Pacific 143 [070]. Found on the ex. Canadian Pacific International of Maine division a few town north of me. This line is known for it's abundance of Sage 143's, snowy B No. 44 beehives, 152 Brookfield No. 48 [070] with backwards N's, and some other nice pieces such as Unembossed Canadian 145's. The guy I got this from had 600 insulators he found on the lone within 5 miles of his house in Brownville Junction, Maine. He had never seen a royal purple, but saw two real clear canpacs but didn't grab them because of the damage. I will find them someday :^)