Suspension String

By Roger & Beth Ziesak; posted April 25, 2015

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On the way home from the excellent Rohde Ranch get-together I stumbled into a small collection and was able to purchase it. Here is a group of suspensions that I picked up. From left to right: Carnival sombrero dated on the underside AUG 19 1941; A flat Thomas in a nice dark color, markings are THOMAS on the underside (incused) and THOMAS and S942 on either side of the metal top; Then there is an Ohio Brass marked only on the metal the classic OB mark on one side and 15000LB on the other; Next are two Lockes still hooked together and both marked LOCKE/1944/US; Here is the classic greenish Sediver glass suspension marked 15000 on the metal; Then the two small ones - top piece is marked PINCO/1950-15000 and the bottom piece is marked D9151/LOCKE/1958H/-USA- ; the last two are, I think, fog bowl types and I'll show a closeup of those in the next pic. Roger Z