UV Ultraviolet Insulator Photo 1

By Mike O'Loughlin; posted April 22, 2015

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( same text all pics) Picked out my most reactive insulators and a few glass dome lenses and a couple depression glass pieces. Tried many times to get a good shot of entire display, however, since the demise of my tripod, I don't think I'll get that perfect shot any time soon, so I'll post a couple that give an idea.( different dark spots) Because of the low light, a long exposure is needed, ( my cheap camera just has a "night/ tripod" setting, so I can't up the exposure time) I took a fluorescent black light w/ light aiming only toward insulators ( camera won't " see" the dark back side of the lamp) and waved it up and down over the insulators right in front of camera while shutter was open. If I could adjust my exposure time up to like 10 seconds, this wouldn't be necessary, as it would gather enough light to see how it really looks.

Top row: 154 W.T SCA, 102 DIA Light Aqua, 102 BGM Light Purple (dug patina), 160 Cal smoky purple, 166 Cal Plum/Purple color, 143 Can Pac Light Aqua.

Row 2 (2nd from top) 143 Can Pac Light Aqua, 102 NN Can ( bar) light aqua, 143 CPR light aqua, 143 Can Pac light aqua w/ purple swirls, 102 NN CAN light purple, 102 Dia lime green,

Row 3: 128 Pyrex clear, 101.6 NE Argentina ice green, SI 102-3.250 VTI "ruby red", 102 Montreal light aqua, 102 Dia Amber swirls with some teal in there, 143 GNR light aqua

Row 4: 102 Brookfield sca, 102 Dia light purple, 102 BGM purple, 102 Star blue aqua, 102 BTC purple, 102 NN CAN ice grey/purple?, 102 CGICO purple ( rosier kind of purple)

Bottom Row in shelf: ALL ROYAL PURPLE: 143 Can Pac,143 Can Pac,143 Can Pac,102 NNCan, 102 Dia, 102 BTC, 102 BGM ( DARK PURPLE) Row nearest shelf on table: 143 purple ( this insulator started this madness, as it's color was close enough to that of a known irradiated 145 HG Co, that I wanted to see how it looked under uv With Known irradiated glass ( next row toward camera) but finishing this row out first: 145 bgm purple, 143 cpr light aqua, 233 pyrex clear,

2nd row from shelf on table ALL IRRADIATED: 154 Hemi in Chaw-Spit Brown ( in "specimen" condition), 203 Hemi in Dead Glass Amber 102 Star in irradiated and cooked blue w/ fading purple, 106 McLaughlin in burnt purple.

In Front of that are a bunch of glass lenses in red, one in yellow, and some depression glass.

Kind of glad the tripod broke so I can just put 'em back where they belong!