128s WANTED: Do you have any of these?

By Mike Funderburk; posted April 18, 2015

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I'm looking for the following 128s. Richard Wentzel has a few of these, but my attempts to get him to sell have been futile.

NORTH AMERICA: Hemingray [010] E-14B - Light Green; Hemingray [040] CSA - Light Lemon w/Milk; Hemingray [080] [100] CSO - Light/Ice Green; Kerr [020] - Flat Top; NN [010] (Whitall Tatum product) - Straw, Light Green and Light Green Opalescent

ARGENTINA: NN - Any colors except clear, gray (slate) and yellow; Vidrart - Any; FAPA - Porcelain - don't know the U number

EGYPT: (Arabic) - Sage Green