3 PRR 162.5 TRADED

By Eric Halkyard; posted April 18, 2015

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Going from left to right in the photos I am calling the colors green aqua / blue aqua / dark aqua

Damage consists of the green aqua having some internal fractures on the pinhole. The blue aqua piece has an impact mark right where the base meets the lower skirt to the right of the "B" You need to hold it up to the light and move it around to really see it . These pieces are actually more vivid that I am depicting them with the camera. I can provide additional photos if anyone is interested.

These are $6 each or take all three for $15. I can do medium flat rate shipping or ship by weight, whichever is the cheapest way for you. I also would trade for any 104s that you might have.

Thanks for looking,

UPDATE: Traded for some 104s.