Have you ever pick, d

By Andy Smith; posted March 29, 2015

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Can you remember when you started collecting insulators,,well i started unsuspectedly, by accident when i was lowering high water, i had to blast a beaver dam off the R.of W one day in an area that was the site of one of Canada, s deadlyiest train head-ons at that time..,as i was walking in off the main, i stubbed my foot on a solid object, that was a broken chuck off wheel off the old steam engine, i continued rootin around and found a few insulators around a rock pile,,(old pole site)which turned out to be C.N.R 143,s.needless to say that started a couple of new hobbies..In the picture to the right, is the original pole i picked .Have you ever picked from a photgraph, and found what was used back in the day. This is finally a photo, found, of the wreck that was never believed to have excisted...