VIS-O-GLOW glass radio arrestor

By Scott Morrell; posted March 21, 2015

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I recently posted this photo of a radio arrestor in the Questions folder. I picked this up at a swap meet because it seemed pretty neat. But I know nothing about radio arrestors. Here is some excellent info I received courtesy of Mid Norris, in response to my question...

"These were used extensively in the radio era before television. Everyone had a radio in their home and this was used to protect the radio from voltage surges. It was connected between the outside antenna and the radio. Usually attached to the house where the antenna cable entered a hole in the house siding. They were also used and can be used on any small antennas for about any electrical apparatus that needs an antenna. There are glass and porcelain ones and the newer type are Bakelite material. They come in many different colors but the glass ones are usually clear or somewhat tinted. Don't get started on these or they will over run your house. Many of the tougher ones are in the $100 each range."

I think I will heed the advice, and not allow these to overrun my house! (Yeah right)