By Paul Ziemer; posted November 29, 2002

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Backyard pole construction is FUN! Not only is the planning and construction part neat but deciding on what types of insulators to display can also be a lot of fun. Seen here, is the top third of a 75 foot tall cedar pole that was originally placed in the early 1900s. It was removed from active service sometime in 1998. I was fortunate to find and salvage the pole, the two cross arms, the three PYREX CD 331 insulators and all the original mounting hardware. All three PYREX CD 331 insulators are a light yellow color with carnival tones found in their tops. Each CD 331 insulator weighs in at around 38 pounds apiece. The CD 331 was the largest single cast glass insulator ever produced in the United States. Located on the second cross arm are six PYREX CD 323s in varying shades or dark orange to silver tone carnival. These particular insulators were not native to this particular line but sure look cool in the late afternoon autumn sunshine. In addition, I added an early open wire street light fixture complete with a ruffled green and white porcelain shade. There are two insulator brackets located on the lamp fixture. Each bracket holds a W.G.M. CD 145 in purple. The two insulators provide the dielectric properties necessary for the open wire conductors that makeup the lamp circuit. The whole system operates on 12-volt dc system. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!