How time passes buy

By Andy Smith; posted March 1, 2015

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Old photo approx 1976,section forman, s house, on C.N. line station Burwash, Hardhat, s implemented around that time, old signal maintainers alumimun shed and Fairmont mt-19 motorcar, forground, Lot, s of glass/mud in the skyback then, This area, s history is all gone now, Along both sides of the right-of way belonged to the Burwash Correctional Prison, was all self -sustained,,prison farm with cattle, and small herds of elk and bison ...The village houses 60-plus dwelling, s for the guards, and later had two prisons both sides of the tracks. Immates would often escape, and hike the tracks, but always get picked up, by getting lost or the blackflies, drove them mad....