Old Bottle Magazine Issue (OBX), post June 1974

By Colin Jung; posted February 26, 2015

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Looking for a past issue of Old Bottle Magazine that has an article written by Joe Maurath on collecting California Insulators. The article appeared in a post-June 1974 issue of the magazine when Joe assumed editorship of the "Insulator By-Lines" column in July 1974 from Frances Terrill. Don't know the month or the year of the publication but I can tell you the article is NOT in the following issues:

1974 July through December;

1975 All issues;

1976 All issues;

1977 January through October & December;

1978 All issues;

1979 All issues;

1980 January, February, April through June.

1981 May, June

Been looking for the article for too long. Appreciate any assistance in finding it. Thanks.