Old Bottle Magazine Issue (OBX), post June 1974. Found Oct. 1980 issue !!

By Colin Jung; posted February 26, 2015

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Looking for a past issue of Old Bottle Magazine that has an article written by Joe Maurath on collecting California Insulators. The article appeared in a post-June 1974 issue of the magazine when Joe assumed editorship of the "Insulator By-Lines" column in July 1974 from Frances Terrill. Don't know the month or the year of the publication but I can tell you the article is NOT in the following issues:

1974 July through December;

1975 All issues;

1976 All issues;

1977 January through October & December;

1978 All issues;

1979 All issues;

1980 January, February, April through June.

1981 May, June

Been looking for the article for too long. Appreciate any assistance in finding it. Thanks.

FOUND. Article was in October 1980 issue.