Cold and grumpy

By James Mulvey; posted February 23, 2015

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This morning I came across information, picture and description, that answered a question that had been recently posted in the help/question folder. Now after spending some time searching, I cannot find the posting. Most annoying. If you had received the information why did you not move it to the answered folder? or another appropriate folder? I checked them all.

I keep telling myself not to bother answering questions that are posted. If I take the time to answer, some are easy and quick, some take time to find and include links, the very least you can do is to hit reply and say thanks. In the last year 12 of the 14 collectors that I answered found that just too much effort. I'm not certain if it was 100% but at least the majority of the posters did not update their postings.

The last answer I sent was a month ago. I informed a collector that what he had was a spoon shovel and how it was used. He did reply but a month later the picture still sits in the questions folder as though he received no info.

I am posting this for several reasons, not the least of which is an explanation for collectors who post questions and then wonder why they don't get any answers. You won't be getting any more from me and I suspect others feel the same way. When rude becomes the new norm, it's time to go.