Dimmable LED lamp/bulb for nearly opaque insulators

By Steve McCollum; posted February 20, 2015

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I recently replaced the candelabra base incandescent bulbs in our outside carriage-style lights with LED bulbs. They are very interestingly constructed. The LED array is in the base of the lamp, and when burning base-down projects light upward through a plastic rod. The top end of the rod has a U-shaped indentation which disperses the light horizontally.

With the globe removed, the plastic rod ought to fit inside a spool. And the bulb will fit partway into a threaded pin hole. This one is also dimmable. This is from Menards, and is a Feit Electric CFC/DM/500/LED 7W 500 lumens soft white.

I can see building an insulator display case with a bottom shelf having a row of sockets for this type of bulb, to get the light up into those nearly opaque insulators. I'd have to consider how to cool these adequately, as the metal base of this bulb is a heat sink.

My first impulse would be to remove the globe, cut the rod, and use some solvent cement to splice another segment into the rod. That way, the sockets for these bulbs could be placed well below the bottom wooden shelf of a display case, so they would remain cool, and the rod could come up through a tight-fitting hole, masking the scattered light.