Fake CD 737.5 threadless in clear

By Rick Soller; posted February 20, 2015

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I bought this insulator off of eBay along with several other fakes from Larry Veneziano so I could inspect it more closely. Now I see that Jack Rieselman (KATFISH) has one listed on eBay in an auction that ends 2/22/2015. He claims "Have no clue about this item. It came out of an early 1980's collection but my feeling is that its probably not old. Few minor dings and nicks which are meant to appear as use chips and nicks. You be the judge as I'm unsure about its age." One bidder suggested in looks like a CD 737.5. Mine is 3" tall and 2.25" wide which makes mine taller but the same width. Since mine has a clear overpoured base, that explains the extra height. Jack and Larry are well known friends so Jack should know the source of the piece.