Unlisted E.S.B.Co. CD 35 Battery Rest

By Barrett Nicpon; posted February 18, 2015

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Not entirely sure on this one, as I don't know my battery rests very well, but I recently took a closer look at this CD 35 E.S.B.Co. I picked up in a London, ON collection last year, and discovered that it doesn't seem to match any existing listings. The listing, were it in the guide, would read like this:

(F-Skirt) THE E S B CO (R-Skirt) MADE IN U S A (Under Crown) B - / 16016 / -3

That's right: there's embossing up inside the cavity beneath the piece, which read forwards when viewed from beneath, and backwards when viewed through the glass on the top edge.

Has anyone seen one like this before? Any thoughts? All the best!