Butch Haltman

By Mike Guthrie; posted February 18, 2015

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I remember in 1993 when the above article was published in Forbes magazine. Butch was pretty proud at being featured in such a prestigious publication.

The story tells quite a bit about his collecting and collection.

I have many fond memories of Butch from the many shows we attended and from visiting at his home. One special memory was from the 1991 National in Cedar Rapids, IA. I believe it was after the business meeting that we were looking for a place to eat when Butch suggested a place he had tried in the Amana Colonies on his way to the show. So a whole slew of collectors piled into Butch's ginormous motor home and he chauffeured us to a fabulous dinner. Food, friends, and insulators...it didn't/doesn't get any better.

Thanks for the memories, friend.