CD 145 No Name American TRADED

By Chris Cotnoir; posted January 18, 2015

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Here is a seldom offered CD 145 No Embossing EIN [030] (Dome) I {American product} SB in spectacular condition. Besides a wire rub and a couple of nearly invisible pinpoint tics near the upper wire ridge, I can find no damage. A few bubbles, one with white stuff in it near the out-of-round base, and a "dimple" in the skirt add even more character. Considering the impeccable condition and how often these aren't put up for sale, I'm going to ask a firm $40 plus postage for this beauty. If it doesn't sell for that price, I don't mind keeping it on my shelf. Do you have one on yours? Thanks for looking.

Traded as part of a deal for a CD 245 T-H.