CD 126 Yellow Olive Green CREB W/Big Bubble

By Eric Wampner; posted December 31, 2014

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Here is another killer piece I'm putting on the trading table. i will also accept a cash offer for this piece. CD 126 (080) CREB. I think this piece has a color which is closer to being yellow olive green. It appears more olive than yellow green to me. The glass has a nice sparkling quality to it and sometimes nearly appears to have amber patches in it, although very faint. Also notice the huge bubble in the lower wire ridge. There is another smaller bubble next to it. And a teardrop shaped bubble in the skirt. The bubble in the lower wire ridge is over an inch long. i would only trade for something with killer amber swirls, otherwise, I'll accept a reasonable cash offer. The condition of the piece is absolute mint. There's another pic of this piece in the collectors album I posted awhile back.