Near-Perfect CD 732

By Eric Wampner; posted December 28, 2014

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Once I go afew months without being able to add a piece to my collection, I get a little restless and start to feel like I need to sell or trade afew pieces. This undue feeling has led to me putting this top-shelf piece on the trading table. I will trade for only one thing, however.....another threadless, with killer amber swirls. I know this makes it tough in trying to acquire this piece, but I'll also entertain cash offers. The cash offer would have to not only be based on what I paid for it,......but also would be based on what a couple others that were less-opaque than this one went for in a couple recent auctions. This piece is in almost perfect condition, and never tumbled. The sharp base edge mold line is so perfect, it could not have ever been tumbled. There is a very very small flake by an open bubble which more than likely happened as it was taken out of the mold. This piece is in incredible condition for one of these. And there's so much snow, fizz, cullet, and fine firebrick pieces in this piece that it is almost impossible to see thru the glass. i have a few other pics of this piece in the "insulators with junk in them" album, posted afew months back.