"Cauvet", Not "Cauvet's Patent" Celery-Green CD 126 W/Amber Streak

By Eric Wampner; posted December 21, 2014

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I do not have my guide on hand, so I can't look up to see what exactly this CD 126 CREB falls under. This is the first CREB I've owned that just says "CAUVET" on the crown......or is just that the embossing is usually so obliterated on these that it's hard to tell???? That's not the case with this one. This shop #21 CREB has the best embossing I've seen on one of these. And the word "CAUVET" jumps out at you in big block like letters on top. .......as does the shop NUMBER #........I said shop # 21. Color is celery green and there's a big prominent amber streak jumping out at you in pic 2. The piece is in pristine mint condition, and never tumbled. Mold line sticks out nearly 16th an inch all the way around,.....and there's even extra glass on the base-edge which remains intact. one side reads CAUVET JULY 25TH 1865 PATENT JAN " 1870 FEB 22. other side reads 21 W BROOKFIELD 45 CLIFF ST N.Y. . There's also some strange ghost embossing and mold markings on this piece. pic two coming up