Jill McLaughlin

By Joe Maurath, Jr.; posted December 14, 2014

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She is our 5-star outstanding vintage photo researcher here on ICON. From her endless hours of searching archives everywhere on the planet we are able to enjoy to see the images that I periodically submit here within the "Vintage Photos" for all to enjoy and learn from.

I met Jill's parents back in the early 70s when she was born (in 1973) via the "Insulator Bylines" monthly column I contributed to Old Bottle Magazine from 1974 through 1981. From there I have maintained continutity with their family from Vernon, CT.

She and I have a lot of cool vintage photos to share with you folks. Right now we have about 200 of them awaiting. They have to be sorted and ready for ICON PicturePoster inclusion (I am really fussy about details..)

So, stay tuned! We are still here and will keep on posting pictures of the yesteryears of the insulators we adore as time allows us ;-)