Other two very old beauties have found a new home

By Lorenzo Cecconi; posted November 25, 2014

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In this picture we can see two very old Italian telephone insulators. The one with the bracket is a "Conetto of Military Engineers", one of the oldest specimens because is unmarked (some newer have the Richard-Ginori's mark). Thanks to our friends from Abruzzo we have understood that the Conettos were used by Military Engineers time ago, and with this specimen, we can strengthen this thesis because of the the courious bracket. Under the insulator, the iron, has a special shape to be quickly hammered on the support and inside the insulator there is a lead washer which absorbs vibrations. These insulators were probably pre-installed on the pin for faster installation on the battlefield. The other instead, is a very ancient telephone insulator (late 1800) produced by Richard. In italian we call it "testa a gettone" (Telephone Token Head) due to the shape of its head, similar to a telephone token. Found by my friend Christian.