Mommas Crossarm display

By Dave Watkins; posted November 18, 2014

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Well I finally got the arm suitably drilled and add on pins in place. I screwed on the 1927 Lapp insulators and pounded in the 1927 date nails. It's not in its final location and not totally done but I wanted to share the photo. Also the two cable pieces in front are not 1927's however they were taken down by a local power company from right in front of the house that she grew up in. I just happened to be driving by a couple years ago and the linemen were nice enough to give me a couple! Just think, they were in place when she played hopscotch on the sidewalk as a little girl. Anyways, a big THANK YOU to all the fellow collectors who DONATED the pieces for this display. You know who you are! I couldn't have done it without you! Dave Watkins