CD 106 Hemi No 9 pointy prismic embossing

By Theresa Chiodo; posted November 10, 2014

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Embossing appears to be prismic. However the H, G, and Y are extended lower than the other letters, with one stroke (or two, see next photo of G) extended and pointing sharply downward, characteristics evidentially not officially titled. Thus far this has been referred to as prismic "arc embossed", as well as " drop down ends" (to which, guess I just added pointy prismic!). Upon closer inspection of this particular insulator several more oddities were noticed, some likely usual and simply reflecting the embosser's personal flare, plus a couple I've yet to find a word about. These may spark curiosity of others, so I'm adding more photos, and descriptions where needed - which it seems will have to come through additional posts, perhaps best categorized now within embossing errors (since a degree of error is also involved). Any input or guidance is welcome. Let me know if more pics would be helpful. Also, this is to be sold at some future point so please send a message if such interests develop.

One final note, and maybe this is commonplace but this one also has what appears to be a small rock - contained within a drip point. Might post a photo to the with junks. Anyhow, thanks!