Two Piece Early Thomas Suspensions

By Fred Collier; posted November 9, 2014

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Yesterday I pulled my back while setting up my woodstove. I wanted to get it ready before the Polar Vortex sequel hits next week. I may need that back up heat before the week is out. I got up early this morning with hopes of driving to the York Pa. Bottle Show, but my back was still bothering me. I really didn't want to drive with a sore back the four hours that it would take me to get there so I decided instead to surf eBay. The first interesting item that I saw was a nice U-110 with a "buy now" so I pressed that button. The next item I won was a small Knox cable in a dark blue with a radio treated top. Another hour or so of surfing didn't yield anything else. Then my curser (or maybe it was my sleepy eyes or grit under the mouse) did something silly. It accidently clicked on the AuctionZip for the Richmond, Va. area that I have saved in my favorites when I had actually intended to click on the weather. Up popped an auction for the Prince George Va. area. Okay, I thought. What are you trying to tell me computer? May as well check out the pictures while I am here on this website. Lo and behold there was an insulator in the auction and it was a rare one! A Thomas two-piece suspension! This auction was about two hours away so I decided to go, sore back or not. By the time I took a shower, fixed breakfast and went to the store, it was time to head to the auction. I thought I had left early enough but traffic slowed me down and I made one wrong turn that I had to correct. The auction started at 1 pm and I got there 5 minutes before 1 pm. I thought that lady would never get me registered for a bidding number. Southern ladies write so slowly! I could hear the auctioneer behind me announcing that we will start with this row of items here. "By the lot" "take any number of lots you want" "Who will give me thirty?" I had not had a chance to look at anything, and by now, I am running to see what is in this row. "Give me twenty!" I am still running. "Give me ten!" I ran by the auctioneer and, as the crowd breaks a bit, I could see the insulator at the end of the row! But, there are two of them! Not one as the auction picture had shown! "Give me five!" YEAH! I shouted waving both hands! "Give me 7 fifty!" "Give me 7 fifty!" "Anyone want to go 7 fifty?" "Sold to the young sprinter!" "How many lots do you want?" " I just want the two insulators!" "Insulators, so that is what they are." "We weren't sure what they were." "What is your number?" "Huh?" "What is your number?" "Oh, yeah, it's number 30....sorry." I had forgotten about my back. I was reminded when I tried to roll the insulators around to check them out. Ouch! It took me the next twenty minutes to get them the one hundred feet back to my pickup. They are in great shape. A little dirty, but I can correct that with some soap and water. This is the first auction that I have ever been to that the insulators came up first for bid. Usually, I have to wait around most of the day before they get to the insulators. Here is a picture that I took from the Waymack Auction Service LLC website. I will try to clean these up and post some better pictures later.