Marking Irradiated Insulators - and bottles

By Mike O'Loughlin; posted October 20, 2014

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1Puky irradiateds...2what's this? a Hammer???..3 oh no!..-OH! YEAH, BABY!!!!. 4 ready for sale! (damaged)-You just have to wait for the right time for some things; marking insulators is no different. 750 $ inspection sticker? I think I've learned all I'm ever going to from them. Bought the 102 on purpose a couple months ago when it was a color I liked. ( it faded in window). The three on the end came from a swampy feller that don't tell ya. Bought the coke bottle completely unaware that Coke made no amber hobbleskirt bottles ( collected some soda bottles before I got into insulators) ...could list them as: Poo-Brown insulator puzzles, but some genius would cut themselves and release the litigators.... Collaged it so as not to waste much space on them. Having forgeries in an art collection lowers the value of everything. If the City decides to put a sewage treatment plant next door, your property value's going to drop. Fly in the soup= free meal. yata get the picture. PS: Jack: I didn't quite hit "Nirvana" but it was a little like "Smashing Pumpkins" OOOOOOooooooooOOOOOOoooooooohmmmm!!!!!