CD 164 BROOKFIELD No. 38 Deep Yellow Green TRADED

By Chris Cotnoir; posted October 5, 2014

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Look at that color! For sale is a CD 164 Brookie in the less common EIN [100] (F-Skirt) BROOKFIELD (R-Skirt) No 38 SB in a gorgeous deep yellow green with several bits of firebrick floating around. There is a scratch on the upper wire ridge near the mold line in the rear, another couple pecks also on the rear wire ridge, and a small bruise and flake on the inside of the inner skirt, all of which can be seen in the photos and does not detract from the glowing beauty of this superb signal. Let's price it at low book of $50 plus postage. Thanks for looking.

Now $35.

Traded as part of a deal for a CD 245 T-H.