Greater Grand Crossing, Chicago, 1902

By Steve McCollum; posted October 1, 2014

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Another posting from the "Railroad Signals" group on Facebook, this one by William Strassner. This larger picture was lifted from the Wikipedia article "Greater Grand Crossing". The picture is attributed to the July 2003 issue of Trains magazine.

Note the complete lack of interlocking, and the large number of trackside telegraph wires!

This is Mr. Strassner's accompanying text:

ICRR across PRR & NYC predecessors on non-interlocked diamonds. Must have been a busy place! c.1902 Subsequently grade separated.

This is looking north along the six-track (two suburban, two intercity passenger, two freight) Illinois Central Railroad, with the Pennsylvania Railroad's Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway and New York Central Railroad's Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway crossing.