Milwaukee Road before-and-after cut west of Alberton, MT

By Steve McCollum; posted September 20, 2014

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Attribution: posted on Facebook's "Abandoned Rails" group by J. Andrew Severs.

There's not enough clearance for trackside wires in this cut. Wonder if there weren't any, or whether they went over the top? Original text follows:

West of Alberton, MT on the Milwaukee Road one finds amazing scenery through which the railroad carved its trail on its march to the Pacific Northwest. A tangent piece of track through the mountains was always favorable, and here the Milwaukee blasted away the rock to obtain a straight line. In the B&W photo a track crew is leveling and making the final touches to the brand-new Milwaukee grade in 1909. Soon fast passenger and heavy freight trains will pass over this line. One hundred five years later, in June 2014, the track has been gone for 34 years. The grade remains straight and the rock and mountains unchanged, but there will never be another train through this cut.