CD 144 No Embosing [010] Foree Bain: New Base Description

By Mike O'Loughlin; posted September 18, 2014

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Just received my Foree Bain,- like it!!!! While looking it up, I noticed it doesn't really match up with the price guide. The dome is neither ridged, nor embossed with patent date, so it must be 144 No Embossing. Book says "{Inside of skirt has horizontal threaded ridges from the base to the pinhole} SB" This piece has three or four (depending on how you look at it) ridges between base and pin hole but they are concentric and definitely not threaded, and a base that consists of three or four (depending on how you view it) ridges or continuous sharp drip points ( or a 'double' grooved base).To me it looks like three of each with a transition (base to inside skirt ridge in between them) Is this normal? Is book "wrong" ( misprint?) or is this another variant?( -even the dog thinks it's weird) This is the only 144 I've seen up close. Any help appreciated. Mike Update: Paul Greaves agrees with my observations. Thank you Paul! (For the answer, not for agreeing with me:) I am very interested in what it ends up being called! Many possibilities for a 'new' base type? Who knows? but at least it might give a little more interest to an already interesting piece. -and it wasn't Oxides this time! ;) update: Bill Meier has updated description for new guide.