Surprise visitor in Merritt

By Bob Scafe; posted September 17, 2014

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During our Merritt Show lunch break, this little gal remained nicely concealed, and just as well, as she might have scared some folks.

This is a female Cat Face Spider . She is shy, and likes to stay hidden out of sight, but each day, hunger drives her out of seclusion. She climbs out onto her web to feed on whatever she has managed to trap. She is expecting a brood of young, which if I have my timing right, she should give birth about Oct 1st. I'll be watching, hoping to capture the event with my little point and shoot camera.

The first couple of times I came near her, she scooted back to the safety of her hidey hole. But recently, she now lets me approach to within 3 feet, permitting me to get pictures like this. These spiders avoid human contact when ever possible, so I consider myself lucky to have found her, and get these pictures. I am having trouble convincing Bev that she is pretty (for a spider)

Despite the fact it appears upside down, you can see the "Cat's Face " marking on the stomach of the spider. Click on "View Original" for a great close up of her.