5 Colourful CD 154 canadians

By Craig Boehm; posted September 14, 2014

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I am selling off another portion of my collection today. Up for grabs are 5 colourful 154 dominion 42's. Sorry pictures are a little overexposed.

1. Teal Green this is a tough colour to get in the 154's and adds some great contrast to the ambers and yellows. Condition vvnm asking $95.00 shipped.

2.Dark red amber this is the darkest shade I have seen these come in asking $125.00 shipped on this one.

3. Some shade of amber again vnm this one is one shade differnt then the next one asking $100.00 shipped on this one.

4.Same as number 3 just one shade differnt in colour this one has a few partially nicked drips to mention asking $75.00 shipped on this one.

5. A difficult colour to get this one is much more yellow and lighter coloured then the typical amber 154's you see and is vnm to boot asking $150.00 shipping included.

The prices above are well below catalogue pricing but condition is catalogue worthy.

Frist emails as always gets the piece.