New - Old Backyard Pole Display

By Dan Gauron; posted September 2, 2014

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Nothing like a real pole to add a bit of character to a yard display. For the last 8 years, we had been using a dead pine tree that my son talked me into converting to a pole display. [id=149444891] It probably would not have lasted long in wetter parts part of the country, but out here where its nice and dry, it didn't rot out until this year. About a week ago I grabbed one of the nice old poles I had hauled out from a hike with Mike Miller [id=414237480] back in 2007 up on a high country Georgetown, CO Line. I'd been waiting for just the right time to use that pole for 7 years now, and this was my chance. Because the pole is only about 14' tall, I didn't want to bury it 2 feet, thus making it too short… so I drilled a 1" hole, 2 feet deep into the sandstone out back ( that Hammer Drill is one of the best investments I've ever made), then hammered the same size rebar in the hole, leaving a 2 foot section exposed above ground. I drilled a 1" hole 2' into the center of the pole, slipped it on, and Presto, a new display pole, that's sure to give viewing pleasure for many years to come. A side benefit to being on the rebar pin… I can adjust the viewing angle as desired :-} Though the glass is not what was originally found on this pole, I think it works quite well. The next pole I want to put up is a metal one, that I'll be getting from my buddy Jack Roach.