What to do with broken, chipped and/or common insulators

By Rob Gilkerson; posted August 17, 2014

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A while back someone asked "What have ICON members done with common insulators"

1) Give them away to kids. Several years ago I set up a display of free insulators that I refreshed from time to time. [id=99242807] 2) Bury them in the back yard for future amateur archeologists/collectors to find. [id=412875688] 3) Set them into concrete and make them part of your house (no mint insulators were sacrificed for this project). http://www.cjow.com/archive/article.php?month=6&a=06Decorating with Insulators.htm&year=1997 4) Turn them into faux sea glass and place them in a planter box no need for daily watering just rinse now and then (most were severely damaged insulators).