1 Of A Kind CD 145 H.G.CO PETTICOAT Beehive With Ghost embossings!

By Daniel Arnold; posted August 5, 2014

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Now this one is special! What you are looking at is a 145 H.G/Petticoat letter B insulator in a nice dark aqua, almost missing both the H.G.CO & PETTICOAT embossings! If you look closely on both sides, you can see ghost embossings of the H.G.CO & PETTICOAT but at a distance, they are unnoticeable. The shop letter B, is the only noticeable embossing on this piece, making it quite a unique example. Both the inner and outer petticoats have some nicks and dings and their are a few nicks on the dome and wire groove. Beside the minor damage, this insulator still looks great and displays very well in either natural lighting or in a lit display case. I am asking $40, shipped for free to anywhere in the lower 48. Please refer to my other photos of this insulator and be sure to email with any questions!