Trolley Bridge, 2014

By Rob Bachand; posted July 20, 2014

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You're saying, 'No way that's 39 years later...they're only 5 or 6 years apart.' I know, right? I've aged shockingly well. ;)

Not only is it the same mug, I even got the same friend, Jack, who graciously agreed to indulge me today. Despite having been dragged through swamps, train stations, and abandoned rail lines, Jack never got the insulator bug. He was, one might say, the original computer geek. In 1974, his room always smelled like burning vacuum tubes. His nerdness pre-dates the Vic20; pre-dates the word "nerd". Sometime later he invented the internet (I think. He's kinda quiet)

Note the "LSD" is still partly visible. A testament to Krylon. I took a lot of pictures of the updated graffiti...the kids today are way more talented than we ever were. I still don't know why this bridge was constructed. It wasn't to accomodate a road or waterway. Not much in the way of info survives.